Monday, 2 January 2012

µTorrent (utorrent)

About the Software:
µTorrent, usually referred to as utorrent, is a vert teeny tiny bittorent client. A bittorent client is a software that allows you to download things using torrents, downloaded from different websites such as ThePirateBay or IsoHunt.

 Exclusive Features: 
  • Download torrents with mighty speeds, using less bandwith
  • Browse featured content, right from the application window
  • Add torrents for download in less than 5 clicks
  • Create new torrents, and start seeding them right from the application with incredible bandwith
  • Add torrents from websites (using their torrent links)
  • Get a know of download and usage as well as upload statistics
  • Add new RSS Feeds from the sites you love, and read it all in just one window
  • Control utorrent from different sources using the utorrent mobile
  • When downloading a video, easily stream the video in a media player, so that you can start watching the same before downloading
  • Share and rate the torrent with your friends right from the application
  • Search for torrents from right within the application using the searchbox provided
  • Available in almost every language!
  • Get support from the official utorrent website, in the form of video and text tutorials
  • Join the utorrent community for incredible discussions
I myself use this application for my daily use. Believe me, its great! A screenshot of utorrent is given below:

The application has two versions, the utorrent free, and the utorrent plus. You pay to get the plus version. The plus version has no special features, except that it includes within a convertor, an antivirus, and includes a greater number of formats that it can stream. If you like that, no problem. It will be available on this site soon!

The free version of utorrent can easily be downloaded from its official website. Hit the download button below to head the the official website in a seperate tab, where the downloading will start automatically!

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