Monday, 2 January 2012

Activating Office 2010 (Office 2010 Toolkit 2.2.3) (Tested)

We all might have used MS Office 2007, and after hearing about the new release, have once tried to upgrade to Office 2010, like I did, but reverted back to the old version because of the activation problem.  If you are stuck on MS Office 2007, you should upgrade to Office 2010, because the activation process is here. If you are new to Office 2010, read the comparison here! Otherwise, read on for the process!

The software used for this process is the Office Toolkit 2.2.3! I have also seen and tested many other software, but none worked out for me, and I had installed and then uninstalled Office 2010 about 3 times. But then, finally I found this crack, which did the job for me.!

Now, what this crack does? It basically hacks the KMS Server, which is responsible for the activation of your 2010. By doing so, it deceives the Office registration, and installs a serial key in the root (which is not by anymeans the official key). Because of this, Office 2010 feels it already has a key, and usually does not check it because the KMS it used is now hacked! A screenshot of the app is below:

Applying the crack is pretty easy, but there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled!

1). Installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4:
The crack requires this framework. Check if you have this application, otherwise download it here. It is a free program provided by Microsoft. It is a must requirement for the crack, as it uses the coding of the .NET Framework to hack the KMS and push-in a fake key! Note that by clicking on the link above, you
will go to a FileHippo page, from where you will be able to download it, by clicking the Download Now button on the side...!
2). Changing User Account Control Settings:
The User Account Control settings determine the extent to which a user and his/her manually installed applications can change the proceses of Windows and its elements. Being a Microsoft product, the Office 2010 is also identified as a Windows Element, and you will need to change User Account Control settings to allow your crack the access needed for it to do its job.
Changing User Account Control Settings is easy. Just go to:
Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings
A dialog box will show up, with a slider. Decrease the slider to the lowest level, like shown in the image below:

Now press Ok. A dialog box will pop-up, asking you for confirmation of this action. Press Yes. Don't Worry, you can always revert back to the original settings, after cracking MS Office 2010.

3). Disable security and firewall:
Most of the antivirus available do not allow such actions (i.e. cracking). So for the process of cracking, you will have to temporarily disable all the anti-virus programs, and if you have a custom firewall (newly installed windows have a default firewall, which allows this program), you should disable it. If you haven't made any custom firewall, just proceed! 

4). Download and Run Office 2010 Toolkit:
Download the Office 2010 Toolkit.exe from MediaFire, by hitting the download button below. Once downloaded, place the file on your Desktop. Close all programs. Right click on the Activator icon, and click "Run as Administrator". You will be prompted that whether you want to run the program as an administrator or not. Just press yes. A window of the software, like shown in the above software screenshot will appear. Ok, now take God's name, and click the "Ez-Activator" button. The process will start, and will be shown in the black box in the app. After doing its process, it will prompt you that cracking office 2010 has been successful. Close the program, and go to MS Word, or any other Office 2010 application. Click File > Help, and then see that instead of written "Product is not Activated", a simple message will be written i.e. "Product Activated". You have successfully updated MS Office 2010. Enjoy it with a lifetime liscence.

Now one last thing. When you reboot your computer, you will see (in my case the Antivirus was ESET Smart Security 5), that there is a pop-up message in the notification bar, telling you to have identified and cleaned the "AutoKMS.exe" program. Usually, ESET Nod32 is unable to preform this action, but the new versions of these and almost all antivirus programs will be able to do this. Now what you have to do is go to the antivirus, and view the qurarantined/cleaned files. In the list, find AutoKMS.exe, and restore it (in my case, I just had to right click it, and press restore). Now you are done. If you are able to mark your answer as permanent, then no problem. Never open Office 2010 with AutoKMS cleaned/quarantined/removed! Because that will disable cracking of Office on your computer. Always first restore the KMS, and then run any Office application. This will happen only one time, so no need to worry about it!

I've made a guide video for you to see... Watch it below, and then carry on with your cracking!

To download, hit the button below:

I hope that this post helps you alot. If you like my work, you can promote it by sharing my blog, and becoming its follower! If you have any errors, just report in the comments! Last line, this software is NOT a virus! If there is any problem with the links, do notify me!

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