Thursday, 29 December 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 vs. Microsoft Office 2007: A Comparison

When installing Office, we think ten times whether to install Office 2007 or 2010. Most of the people don't care about the version, as they say that they like the one that's easy. These people should correct their opinion, as everything first tough is learnt, and nothing comes easily. Anyways, today I will be comparing features of the two versions. I am in the favor of Office 2010, as I myself am using it, and would also like those who have office 2007, to just try it. Obviously, I am talking about the Professional Plus version.
At first, I was unable to crack office 2010, as it is really expensive to buy. But it really can be done. Look for my post "Cracking Office 2010" under the Microsoft Office Category. Ok, now lets get to the original topic.

Comparing the major things in both versions, like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, we see that there is no special difference in Word, except more accessible options in Word. In Excel, the selecting options, as well as formula options have been improved. In PowerPoint, more styles have been added, but the same can also be downloaded from the Office Store. The good thing in PowerPoint 2010 is that Advanced Options have been inserted as simple options in the Insert tab. All the options may not have been discussed in the post, but the videos below might help you to get a better comparison...

Microsoft Office 2010: First Look

Office 2010 vs Office 2007: Side by Side Review

If there is any problem with the videos, do inform me by contacting me. To check out Office 2010 benefits and features over the previous versions, read @ ( I hope this video helps. My conclusion is that Office 2007 is not bad, but Office 2010 is better, and as everything, even the most expensive ones are available free online, why not stay updated with the world and have the latest thing/product available. So probably I would stress my fellas to upgrade... See you in the next post!

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