Saturday, 31 December 2011

Wondershare Video Converter Platinum 5.1.1 (With Serial)

About the Software:
Wondershare Video Converter Platinum is an ultimate software for your video conversions. It can easily convert video and audio into various popular formats. It also has the ability to extract clips, and even audio from a movie. You can crop a movie or a video clip, or you can just add a watermark (just to show that the video belongs to you!). The software supports converting multiple videos, each into a different format, the same time. The converter also respect file sizes; so now you can convert it into normal iphone, ipad or some other format, or if you have ample space, just select the HQ format, and the video converted will be of remarkable quality. So I suggest that you benefit from this great video converter, which is available for purchase, but you can download it for free here! Hit the download button below to download, but before doing anything, read the installation instructions carefully!

Typing Master Pro v7.0 (Full Version)

About the Software:
TypingMaster is a simple application to enhance your typing skills. The following is the information given by Official Typing Master Resources:

Your Personal Typing Tutor:
Meet TypingMaster Pro, the personal touch typing tutor that adapts to your unique needs. The program provides customized exercises and helpful feedback to guide you step by step to professional keyboarding. As a result your typing speed will increase significantly saving you a lot of valuable work time.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Changing your Windows 7 Logon Background

If we upgrade to Windows 7, our default logon screen will be like the one shown in the screenshot above.
So many people, even me, cant live with the stupid old, got-used-to, blue background. I have a DELL laptop, and I would like the grey background, meant for DELL Windows 7 Ultimate Laptops. So, after searching youtube, and going through various articles about safety of the windows after changing the Login screen background, I came to a conclusion.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 vs. Microsoft Office 2007: A Comparison

When installing Office, we think ten times whether to install Office 2007 or 2010. Most of the people don't care about the version, as they say that they like the one that's easy. These people should correct their opinion, as everything first tough is learnt, and nothing comes easily. Anyways, today I will be comparing features of the two versions. I am in the favor of Office 2010, as I myself am using it, and would also like those who have office 2007, to just try it. Obviously, I am talking about the Professional Plus version.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

RealPlayer SP Plus (Fully Activated)

Real Player SP Plus is the best Real Player version to date. It is a premium player, but what makes it better is its support for TV and Movies, which also makes it better, and draws your preference, as compared to Real Player 15. In short, "RealPlayer SuperPass is a service that bundles all the features of RealPlayer Plus 15, and our Video On Demand service" - RealNetworks.

Writing Urdu in Microsoft Office (Original Nastaleeq)

Have you ever thought of writing Urdu in your native word processor? Obviously! Who wouldn't love to write Urdu in his/her own native Microsoft Office Applications... Well, now you can! Many solutions have been provided by different websites all over the web, but none comes to the standards. A sample image of how Urdu written in Microsoft Word 2010 looks:

Likewise, Urdu can also be written in other applications such as Power Point, Excel and even Access. Yes, it is now very easy to have urdu based spreadsheets, and even presentations in Urdu. But in most of the solutions given on the net, the style of Urdu language, like that shown in the screen shot above is absent, and the standard Arabic style is adopted for writing Urdu. Well that's not cool! But after reading this post, you will be able to write Urdu as shown above in your Microsoft Word, Excel, and any other Microsoft Application! You will even be able to send and receive Urdu Emails, and read the urdu news paper at the NawaiWaqt website! This technique will work in any version of Microsoft Office, be it 2010, 2007, 2003, or even 2000!

Atomic Clock Screen Saver for Windows

A preview of the Screen Saver
I had recently been working on this project. I made a virtual atomic clock, us Adobe Flash. But, what did my readers have to do with a flash file, so I decided to make a screen saver out of that clock. It is a very interactive clock, which shows you hours, minutes, seconds and even microseconds. The date is shown below the time, and thus you see the time and date on a blank screen, as a screen saver, when you aren’t doing anything.

Flash Pacman Game

Pacman is a game that features a circle mouth (pacman) which aims to eat all the tiny particles in its way. The scenery is a maze, that remains the same through out. But behind you (pacman), is a group of policemen, who aim to eliminate you. The pacman moves itself. All you have to do is steer it by using the right or left navigation keys of your keyboard, and avoid contact with the police men. It is a very interesting game, and achieving the high score is difficult yet alot of fun.
This game is found on the internet over here. But providing the offline version was my aim. So just hit the download button below, and you will be redirected to the MediaFire page, from where you can download it.

Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome (Full Version)

About the Game:
A long time ago, when Rome ruled the world, a courageous young woman named Scarlett farmed her land in an effort to feed her country's soldiers and ensure the return of her beloved from the battlefield. Today, an equally spirited young woman named Scarlett has become an accomplished farmer. What magical bond ties these two women together? Find out when you play Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome!

Internet Download Manager v6.07 (Final)

About IDM:
Internet Download Manager is a software that manages your downloads from popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. The process mainly is that whenever you download a file from any website, IDM automatically shows you that its taking the download, and if the website from which you are downloading has a resume capability for its files, it will automatically take the job, so whenever you lose your internet connection, or if the light goes (happens rapidly in Pakistan), and your computer shuts down, the next time when you start your computer and connect to the internet, IDM automatically starts the rest of download, and so you dont need to begin the download again and again... 

Hypercam (Stable/Full)

About the Software:
HyperCam is a screen recording software that allows you to record whats happening on your screen when the recording has started. But unlike other screen recorders, HyperCam is an exception. It allows you to select your screen area (the area which you want to record), as well as the video encoder and decoder, so that you can enjoy different types of videos. Also, the special decoders used for HyperCam are an exception, and allow you to to compress the video to different sizes, yet not losing the quality of your video.

My Experience:
I had been using CamStudio. But its really difficult to live with that, as it captures a very little area on the screen. But not for long. I found the HyperCam software, which captures your entire screen in HD. Thats a very big accomplishment. I went to the official HyperCam website, but look what I found there... BUY HYPERCAM! Man than sucks, as I cant buy it online. 
But after some surfing, and downloads, I found how to crack the HyperCam. 

WinRAR v3.62 Corporate (Full)

What is WinRAR?
WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.