Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Internet Download Manager v6.07 (Final)

About IDM:
Internet Download Manager is a software that manages your downloads from popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. The process mainly is that whenever you download a file from any website, IDM automatically shows you that its taking the download, and if the website from which you are downloading has a resume capability for its files, it will automatically take the job, so whenever you lose your internet connection, or if the light goes (happens rapidly in Pakistan), and your computer shuts down, the next time when you start your computer and connect to the internet, IDM automatically starts the rest of download, and so you dont need to begin the download again and again... 

Its a great thing. Another great feature is that you can download videos from popular video sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, and Google Videos. A thing to know is that all these websites have resume capabilities, and so they will automatically download when you have an internet connection, and pause if there is a problem. 

What is meant by "RESUME CAPABILITY"?
Consider the scenario that you are downloading a large file from YouTube, through IDM, and your brother disconnects the internet from the main connection, and the video progress is 96%. You wont dare to download the video again. In most cases, you would smash your brother's head (if he is younger), or do some damage to your brother's possession (if he is elder than you). But now, you wont have to worry, as when the internet connection breaks, IDM will pause the download, and whenever you reconnect, it will connect to the website (YouTube in this case), ask for the same video, and grab it from the point it left. This property is known as the resume capability. Although some file hosting sites such as MediaFire, and RapidShare etc., do not give you the resume capability, IDM on these websites downloads very fast the required thing. It is a great feature.

My Opinion and Review:
From its official website, you will have to buy IDM, and it says that you can buy it from its official reseller in Pakistan. When I asked them, they told me that a lifetime liscence was for 3500/- Rs/-. WOW... hey hey, stop there... I can't buy just a small software for such a huge sum... So I decided to find a patch for the trial version, which will make it the original version. So, I succeeded, and you can now enjoy this great download from my blog, ABSOLUTELY FREE!
The installation instructions are given in the .zip file the you will download. Be sure to extract the files from the .zip file before use, otherwise the patching will be useless. Extracting files is easier, just go into the .zip file, and over there, in the right pane (WINDOWS XP/VISTA), or on the above pane (WINDOWS 7/VISTA), you will find a button known as extract files, or extract all files. After extraction, follow the instructions in the README file. 

To download this great software, just hit the download button below:

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