Wednesday, 28 December 2011

RealPlayer SP Plus (Fully Activated)

Real Player SP Plus is the best Real Player version to date. It is a premium player, but what makes it better is its support for TV and Movies, which also makes it better, and draws your preference, as compared to Real Player 15. In short, "RealPlayer SuperPass is a service that bundles all the features of RealPlayer Plus 15, and our Video On Demand service" - RealNetworks.

The features are given on the official website, but for your ease, they have also been given below:

i). Download Videos Faster

Among the many useful features in RealPlayer, Downloader continues to be one of the favorites. In the latest version of RealPlayer SP Plus, we offer you the ability to accelerate download speeds.
Download videos from UGC sites much more quickly now. It’ll let you download more videos in less time. Use it to expand your private video collection.

ii). Transfer Videos Faster (Advanced Transfer)

Accelerate video converter speeds. Use the accelerator when converting multiple files to save time. The Real Player SP Plus will  make taking your music and videos with you even easier.

iii). Burn DVDs for TV / Burn HD videos / Make professional grade CDs

Burn your video collection onto DVDs. Create original DVDs of your home videos, and watch them on your home theater system, or give them as gifts to the people that matter to you most.
Use the DVD Burn feature in combination with Downloader and Trimmer to broaden the types of DVDs that you can create. Burn DVDs that meet your specific needs. Take advantage of DVD, SVCD Burning, as well as premium CD Burning feature extensions.

iv). Play DVDs & H.264 / Advanced Audio & Video Control

Try RealPlayer SP Plus if you’re looking for DVD playback software for your PC. It plays DVDs as easily as it plays videos downloaded from the web.
RealPlayer SP Plus also has the ability to playback DVD and H.264 videos, a 10-band graphic equalizer, advanced audio and video controls, crossfade, and a convenient toolbar mode for a much richer media experience.

v). Even More...

Exclusive Feature of this Release:
The version available on the official website suggests that you will have to pay a sum of money every month, but in this version, you just install the cracked version (no need to crack), which is absolutely virus free, and enjoy the benefits of the software, instantly!

Installation Instructions:
Hit the download button below, and you will be redirected to a MediaFire download page, from where you will be able to download "Real Player SP" file. Now, you will need a compression software, that will allow you to extract and use the contents of the zip file. Usually, the Windows Explorer is able to do it, but for an easier and a safer experience, I recommend WinRAR, or any other software downloaded from here. I will be guiding you through the WinRAR method. Now place the zip file on your Desktop, and right click on the file, and click "Extract to Real Player SP Plus\", as shown in the screen shot below:

Once done, you will then see s folder on your Desktop named "Real Player SP Plus". Go into the folder, and double click "RealPlayer SP Plus Fully Activated". You will now enter setup. Install and Enjoy!

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