Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Atomic Clock Screen Saver for Windows

A preview of the Screen Saver
I had recently been working on this project. I made a virtual atomic clock, us Adobe Flash. But, what did my readers have to do with a flash file, so I decided to make a screen saver out of that clock. It is a very interactive clock, which shows you hours, minutes, seconds and even microseconds. The date is shown below the time, and thus you see the time and date on a blank screen, as a screen saver, when you aren’t doing anything.
 In other words, your computer becomes a clock when you are not working. Isn’t it great!? But when you set it as your screen saver, everything will enlarge to the size of your screen. Note that for this you will need the flash plugin, which by default is present in your computer. If not, download it from here. To download the software, hit the download button below:

Installation Instructions:
  • Run  the “Atomic Clock Screensaver_Windows.exe” file downloaded from MediaFire. 
  • Press Next when shown the version and description of the software
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • When prompted for the password, enter: "gnu-rocks", without the inverted commas
Success! The screen saver will now be installed. To set it, follow the steps:

Windows 7 & Vista: In the search box, type screen saver, and under the Control Panel heading, you will find "Change Screen Saver". Click it, and a pop-up box will open with the heading of "Screen Saver Settings". Now from the screen saver dropdown menu, choose "Atomic Clock".
Windows XP and older: Go to control panel, and click "Appearance and Themes", and then click "Display".  In the Display menu (most probably a pop-up box), click the "Screen Saver" tab, and select "Atomic Clock" from the screen saver list. You are now set!
You can also set other properties regarding screen savers in the relevant menus. If you have any problems, you can report it in the comments...!

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