Friday, 30 December 2011

Changing your Windows 7 Logon Background

If we upgrade to Windows 7, our default logon screen will be like the one shown in the screenshot above.
So many people, even me, cant live with the stupid old, got-used-to, blue background. I have a DELL laptop, and I would like the grey background, meant for DELL Windows 7 Ultimate Laptops. So, after searching youtube, and going through various articles about safety of the windows after changing the Login screen background, I came to a conclusion.

We basically have two options in this regard, rather to choose a logon image of our own choice, or to brand the windows with OEM version of the windows, i.e. if you have a DELL laptop/PC, you can easily have the background which comes in computers with company installed windows 7. So the choice is your own. I have given both alternatives, and you can trust me that both the solutions are perfect, self-tried and absolutely virus free, and reversible.

Branding Windows 7 as an OEM version:
Okay, so what is a logon screen. When your computer boots up, and suppose you have placed a password, when it starts, your picture will appear in the centre (if you are a single user), and a background. That background is known as the logon screen. So, what is an OEM version. It is known as the original version, which the company installs on computers before shipping them. So, if you have installed windows 7 on a computer, and then want to have it like it came from the company. Note that the program will not modify the windows components itself, rather it will just install the original logon screen.
You will need a software for this basically called the 7 Brander. It can easily be downloaded from the link provided. The 7 Brander lets you choose the company whose computer you are using with Windows 7. After you select that, you will be able to brand your version of windows. After I branded my DELL Laptop, it looked like this:  

Its simple, easy and works like a charm... so go ahead, try it... Hit the download button below to download 7Brander...! A guide video is at the end of the post, so watch it before trying it on, for proof, and confirmation!

Choosing the image of your own choice as a logon screen:

This is also very easy. This requires a software known as " Logon Changer". The software allows you to select the image of your own choice, and then use it as the logon background, as shown in the image above. The software can be downloaded @, but I have uploaded it to my MediaFire account, and given you a direct link for ease, and an always available to you software... Dont be afraid, or scared, of doing something wrong with your computer, cuz I have personally tried them all, and I found no issues... The software also allows you to revert to your original logon screen, incase you dont like the new one... So Enjoy... To download Tweaks, hit the download button below:

The guide video I made shows the working of both softwares... You will see that they are perfectly safe...!

Note: The above given programs work on any version of windows 7, and will work on any type i.e. 32-bit (x86), or 64-bit (x64)
I hope that you get much help from this post. If you have any difficulties, just ask in the comments. I will have a loot at them during comment moderation!

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