Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Flash Pacman Game

Pacman is a game that features a circle mouth (pacman) which aims to eat all the tiny particles in its way. The scenery is a maze, that remains the same through out. But behind you (pacman), is a group of policemen, who aim to eliminate you. The pacman moves itself. All you have to do is steer it by using the right or left navigation keys of your keyboard, and avoid contact with the police men. It is a very interesting game, and achieving the high score is difficult yet alot of fun.
This game is found on the internet over here. But providing the offline version was my aim. So just hit the download button below, and you will be redirected to the MediaFire page, from where you can download it.
The software is an exe file, and all you have to do is run it, and install it. When prompted for password, just enter "ahgz96_blog", without the inverted double commas. That will install the game on your computer, but don't worry, you will be able to uninstall it afterwards if you dont like it. I loved it, and I hope that you like it too...! The executable file was made by me, but the website registered was another blog of mine. But I am providing it here as another windows download. Enjoy!

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