Friday, 6 April 2012

Convert Access Database (ACCDB) to EXE


Database is a collection of data, which can be collected using an interface, made in Office Access.

The problem is usually that when we create one, it remains in the ACCDB form, which is an editable one, i.e. one can edit the elements of your database, and use them as their own... But none of us wants that...

I searched over the internet, methods for converting the access database (ACCDB) to EXE, an executable form, but what all did was that they did convert the database into EXE, but it still ran in MS Access.

So, I figured out a way to make an uneditable form of the currently present Database (ACCDB) to a format ACCDE, which cannot be edited, and then making an installation package for ACCDE, which will install the ACCDE in the Program Files of the user's computer. 

The following conditions should be met before continuing with the process:
  1. MS Access 2010/2007 installed
  2. Inno Setup Compiler installed (Can be downloaded for free here)
  3. A license file in .txt format (if you want it)
  4. An icon file in the format .ico, needed for the installation file
The method was an easy one, which is shown below in the video. Using that, anyone can convert and protect their own databases, which can be used, but not copied. 

I hope you learned much from the video... But after all this, I have found one drawback of the ACCDE file, which is that an ACCDE file created in 64-Bit version of MS Access will not work with 32-Bit versions of MS Office/Access, whereas vice versa is also applicable. So a solution to this problem is that you can label the specific databases as ACCDE (32-Bit) (made in 32-Bit versions of Office), and ACCDE 64-Bit, made in 64-Bit versions of Office.

Have a nice day, till the next post...

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