Sunday, 8 April 2012

Creating a Professional Banner in Adobe Fireworks (Easiest Process)

Well, today we will be learning how to make a banner such as that shown above... Ya. The green picture with a boy and some text with cool effects.. This type of image is known as a banner.

So where do you use banners? Well, banners are images that are placed on top of your website or blog, which tell your visitors the main purpose of your site or blog. 

For the purpose, I have made a video, in which I have demonstrated the making of the same banner made above...

Its a very interactive solution to the banner problem, as well as to all your image needs (somewhat), cuz from this tutorial, you will learn much of adding effects to english text, adding shadows, making good backgrounds, removing a background from picture etc. etc., all in one tutorial...

The software used is Adobe Fireworks CS5, which will soon be available on my blog...

Till then, watch the video embedded below... Kept in mind should be that the video is my own work, and not of any other user on YouTube... (just a side note ^_^)!

The video teaches much, as I believe I have done the steps in such a way that even a beginner can easily learn from this video... Well, if you like this, and other works of My Windows Zone, you can become a follower, and as a charity, press the +1 button, so to improve the chances of us being found on Google easily...

Till the next post... C ya!

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